Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/3/08

  • "Changes" - So apparently Payton waited until '08 graduated to shake things up. I went back this afternoon, and things are kinda way different than they were back in the day 3 months ago. There's this goofy ass schedule change where they get out 6 minutes later on block days. And they brought back lunch detention. That's hilarious; but, kids will be on time. Those PB 'n' J bars are gross. Oh yeah, and they changed the IDs. I realize why Rev. Meeks is protesting for more dough. They couldn't even afford to print the schedule on the back of these new ones.

  • "Constants" - I also realized that most things at Payton don't change. Gray still has the hair, albeit less. Zach Farber still played the "look over there" practical joke on me. Mr. Rode still has the hair, though suspiciously there's more. And he still terrorizes kids who dare be 20 seconds late to class.

  • "Remnants" - That's what the weather people credit it being so damn cold today, tomorrow, and Friday to. And apparently tomorrow it's going to rain Noah's Ark style, 2-3 inches. Yeah right.

  • "GOP" - The only good thing they've done for me in my lifetime has been this convention in Minnesota. They've forced the Twins to go on a long road trip right around the time the White Sox are falling apart.

  • "Simply" - I love OJ. He's a true thug and all these rappers I go through a carton every couple of days. Simply Orange is the best out there. Hands down. They claim it's just fresh-squeezed juice, and since I've never squeezed an orange I'll take their word for it. They do grapefruit, apple, lemonade, and limeade. All delicious. ***PSA: If you don't have pulp in your juice, it's not real juice. If there aren't bubbles in your pop, it's not pop is it?

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