Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/4/08

  • "Daunte Culpepper" - He announced his retirement today. What a shame. From like 2002-04, him and Randy Moss were amazing. Especially in video games. Lord knows how many people I embarrassed on Madden 2002 with the Vikings. After he blew out his knee in '05, and set sail on the sex boat, things were never the same.

  • "JB Smoove" - He's a pretty funny dude. He does standup, but he's best when acting. As Leon, he made Curb Your Enthusiasm for me. I challenge you to watch this and not crack up.

  • "Losing" - The Cubs have lost 5 straight, at Wrigley even. As much as the curse-fueled panicking amuses me, I secretly wish Cubby fans would pump their brakes. Teams lose. It happens. The Cubs have the best record in the NL by far and a 99.6% chance of making the playoffs according to some complex statistical stuff I don't understand. I do understand that 99.6% are odds I'd bet on however.

  • "Birthdays" - As I'm sure everybody does, I love 'em. I turn 19 (holy sh*t!) on the 21st and, since I'll be at school, the festivities are being pushed up a week. At least the presents are. My only wish is to fix up my bike: new grips, pedals, white Tuff wheels. People just can't say no to you on your birthday it seems. It's the time of year, along with Christmas, where you get to see how spoiled kids live.

  • "Francais" - No offense to any of my fine language teachers over the past 8 years, but I don't know French. I know how to say things like "calculator" and "Would you sleep with me tonight?", but I don't know French. The college placement exam I took yesterday afternoon reminded me pretty brutally of that. Espanol 101 here I come.


DSD said...

Wait, so who snitched on them for the sex boat? Isn't that not indecent exposure?

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

It was on a lake in Minnesota so I figure the cops patrolling there got em. I think they got fined or service for like lewd acts in public or something like that.

I always figured you reserve parties like that for foreign waters

DSD said...

How is that the public, though? lol

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

I think that if you are on a lake/river/pond or whatever, it's considered under jurisdiction by the local policia. I'm sure if they kept the hookers in the cabin they woulda been fine, but they were on the deck in plain sight.