Saturday, September 6, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/6/08

  • "Sharks" - So I'm reading The Devil's Teeth by this lady Susan Casey. 280-page story short: She goes to the Farallon Islands, follows shark researchers, carnage ensues. I'm only 40 pages in, but there are some crazy facts. 1.) Sharks have looked pretty much the same for 400 million years. Dinosaurs died out like 65 million years ago. 2.) Great whites can grow to be 20 ft long and 8 ft wide. Mack trucks are 7.5 ft wide. 3.) A shark can sense the electromagnetic pulse of a underwater heartbeat from almost 100 feet away.

  • "Nick Cage" - The first stop of my outing yesterday was to see Bangkok Dangerous. It was pretty much a Bourne Trilogy ripoff with Nick Cage as the Terminator Lite. He was like God; nobody could touch him. He killed about 40 people during the movie, and that's a conservative estimate. Plus, it's Nicholas Cage. I just can't buy him as a smooth hitman. And the final scene was a King of New York ripoff. I won't spoil it for all 6 of you Nick Cage fans, but it was blatant.

  • "Police Tape" - After the movie and walking to the Giordano's on Randolph & Michigan, like 4 ambulances and a bomb squad truck passed by us. *I know I'm using 'us' w/o having told you the other person's name* Of course, they are en route to the very cheesy restaurant I planned to stuff myself at. And there are like 300 people crowded around, some standing on cars. We went over to investigate and soon saw a man splayed out on a crushed blue car. He'd jumped.

  • "Noodles & Co." - Since Giordano's was out of the picture, we decided on Noodles & Co. Not a bad fallback. I never expected to find mostacolli noodles in my mac n cheese though.

  • "Carlos Quentin" - The first (and hopefully last) time CQ makes the list for bad reasons. Breaking your wrist in frustration? C'mon Carlos. The Good Guys will manage though; they did win a World Series w/o him or Jim Thome. Pitching is going to decide the AL Central, not home runs. At least I hope not.

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