Sunday, September 7, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/7/08

  • "K-Rod" - He's good. He'll probably end with with 60 saves. But he's also a major league asshole. He celebrates after saves like it's game 7 of the Series. I wish pitchers had to bat, at least pitchers not on the Sox. We'd see if he kept celebrating after Ozzie had one of these sent his way.

  • "Fall" - Yes, the Sox lost today, and the Bears are about 3 hours from the start of a beatdown in Indy, but this is the best time of the year for TV sports. Relevant September baseball, college football starting, and the NFL opening up. It's beautiful.

  • "Detroit" - This is a baseball heavy post day. Thanks to the Tigers for not being a complete waste of talent and winning the series in Minnesota. Helped the Sox keep a decent lead. It's about time Detroit contributed something to humanity too; ever since Motown and Ford, things have gotten pretty ugly.

  • "Turkey" - Watched Midnight Express last night with the family. I recommend it. If I were one of the ass-backward imaginative people who believe "based on a true story" = "so true it might as well be a documentary", I definitely wouldn't recommend a visit to Turkey. Corruption, torture, man-rape, and ugly women are all Turkey had to offer in this movie. It came out in the 70s, so naturally it was up for the Best Picture Oscar. If it came out now, there'd be more picketers than patrons.
  • "Adobe" - I don't know where they get off charging a stack for software. I could just pay an actual person $1000 to make a movie for me, instead of paying that to still have to do it myself. Damn "amazing effects" and straight to YouTube capabilities. That's rent money. In Manhattan.

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DSD said...

Just torrent that ish, man. It makes my soul bleed a little when people pay for software.