Monday, September 8, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/8/08

  • "ACLs" - Specifically Tom Brady's. He's done for the year, which sucks for Pats fans and the NFL. He's the biggest star in the league, played playing for the best organization of the decade, and bones Gisele. Life on Earth doesn't get any better; plus there'll be Gisele aplenty for him at home. The Pats playoff hopes are pretty much done. 9 wins at the most. This is going to sound cold, but I'm not hurting for New England fans. Let somebody else win for a change.
  • "Peanut Tillman" - My longtime favorite Bear. At first, it was just b/c he was a grown man referred to as a legume. But he's put together a very underrated career. He shoulda been a Pro Bowler in 2006. Anyways, it was great to see him prove me completely wrong en route to helping the Bears spank Indy. Wish a quick recovery to his daughter too.

  • "Nature" - Word on the street Meteorologists are predicting another hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast this weekend. Ike to be specific. *I always wondered why they gave hurricanes people names. Some people might not appreciate sharing a name with deadly storms. Just ask all the Katrinas in the 504* Anyways, I hope I don't hear any global warming arguments in reference to the busy September hurricane season. Global warming/climate change/whatever is happening, and human waste has accelerated it, but the Earth isn't static and hurricanes have happened forever. I'm not downplaying the melted icecaps and dead penguins and such, I'm just saying that we wouldn't consider the problem handled if a summer went by with 0 major hurricanes.

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