Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 9/9/08

  • "Production" - Producers, specifically in the rap game, are an odd kind of person. Aside from the attention-starved Kanye/Timbaland types, they're like movie stuntmen. Without them the product wouldn't exist, yet they are largely unknown to the mainstream. It's a nice gig: charging 25 grand for a 4-minute instrumental, samples optional.

  • "Talent" - I watched a lot of YouTube yesterday, the majority of it being the making of The Black Album. I stumbled across this interview with J-Dilla wannabe super underrated Detroit producer Black Milk. He lays down some heat in about 10 minutes, chopped up sample and all. Unreal.

  • "Reebok" - In a further attempt to diversify my foot game, I jumped on some Reebok Reverse Jam mids the other night. If they scream White Men Can't Jump, it's probably b/c that's where the shoe became famous. Just trying to cope with Nike flooding the game with hypebeast specials like this.

  • "Bacci" - I really hope there's one close enough to Evanston. I'll miss this place more than I miss some people. Maybe I'll call up Bacci HQ and try to franchise on campus.

  • "Politricks" - It goes on throughout the political scene, Republicans and Democrats. But they usually do a good job of covering it up. Outta sight, outta mind. Sarah Palin's spin crew is going to have to put in some late nights trying to straighten this out though. Especially after the GOP's new ad touting her and Johnny as mavericks. Keith Olbermann got her last night before the ad even came out. Palin has claimed to have stopped something called the "Bridge to Nowhere". Now, I'm not a Harry Potter fan so I'm not familiar with this bridge, but there are clips aplenty of Palin supporting this same project as late as 2006.


DSD said...

The Republican party makes me sad for the United States. Sarah Palin represents everything that other countries see when they think of stupid Americans and we have a huge amount of people supporting her.

And on a semi-unrelated and random side note, why the fuck is the message of global warming eclipsed by polar bears melting off of glaciers? I could care less about Global Warming because I can't really make a difference, but I just want to know what polar bears have done for anyone.

(I apologize, I just watched Fox News... you know what that can do to a sane black man)

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

I feel you on that. She's the "I'll vote for her b/c I'd invite her to my BBQ" candidate. Like Baby Bush was in 2000.

And yeah I understand the FOX News symptoms. Sean Hannity would make me mad too.

Watch out for the "lipstick on a pig" controversy this week. I'm not watching TV b/c of it