Friday, October 10, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/10/08

  • "Magic" It's common knowledge that Earvin Johnson has the HIV cure. It's green and he makes it in his sleep. Although, with the economy going to shit he should be a little worried. $ = good meds = easier life w/HIV. That's all good too; medicine is just as big a business as McDonalds, except for that the medicine Dollar Menu isn't very tasty. What isn't good is saying Magic faked his HIV. Why would the best point guard ever fake that?
  • "Pooh" I caught the highlights of Da Bulls' first preseason game last night, and you have no idea how cool it was to watch Derrick Rose in a Bulls uni. I got to see him all throughout high school and it's just strange to think that somebody just months older than me is making $10 million and in the League. I hope he repeats this at the UC many times this year.
  • "Empty Seats" So I'm eating breakfast at Sargent this morning with my friend the Chicago Tribune, and I smashed: peach waffles, eggs, fruit, etc. The only thing I couldn't swallow was the fact that NU attendance at football games was at like 48%. 48%!! That's unacceptable. I understand that UMich has like 40k people and we only have like 9k, but we're in Evanston. I guess I'm more calling out Evanstonians. Yeah, that's it. You guys suck.
  • "Censorship" So Alex's article for NbyN got posted last night, and I immediately commented. Granted, it was immature and gross. But it's NbyN! They have a sex column! My comment lasted about 5 minutes before an editor removed it. Not very liberal or journalistic.
  • "Wale" Quickly becoming my favorite rapper not named Nasir. He keeps pumping out free quality ish.


Vanessa said...

your food post: mmmmmm i am hating life right now. ROSCOES CHICKEN AND WAFFLES WHEN I COME HOME

DSD said...

What'd you write on the NBN article that could've been so bad?

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

"If you acted on your Sarah Palin fixation, you'd be getting my sloppy seconds."

The editors weren't havin it I guess.

Vanessa, Rosscoes is my treat whenever u are home sweet home.