Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/1/08

  • "Quartet Copies" Much love to Alex for finding this amazing place. I spent the best $10 I've spent since I bought It Was Written this morning on the quarter's notes in "Fundamentals of Anthropology". Bill Irons is a man's man, but he put us to bed (no J. Holiday) today in lecture. I'll take my chances with the discussion sections from now on.
  • "Heritage Months" Apparently today marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. I'm curious as to why Profesora Rosenburg didn't mention that today in class, but whatever. I'll get those brownie points Friday. The best thing about this month, at least out of the 10 hours I've been able to enjoy it, is the feast we get for dinner. It's only Puerto Rican and Mexican dishes, but that beats canned alfredo.
  • "White Chocolate" Remember Jason Williams? Obviously I mean the white one. TBL had a pretty interesting article on him this afternoon; he retired today. I had his jersey when I was a youngster; as a matter of fact it was the first basketball jersey I wanted that didn't have the numbers 23 or 33 in red on the back. Anyways, this guy was mucho underrated. Classic case of showmanship overshadowing fundamental talent. I reminisce.
  • "Nicolay" Produces the only rap I can study to.

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