Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/14/08

  • "Death" In case you haven't heard, and if you don't check ESPN hourly you may not, a top-level NHL draft pick died Monday. During the game! Here is the amateur video of him on the bench, verging on death. It sounds morbid I know, but that's b/c it is. Kid was 19. I just turned 19! He was skating one minute and checked out the next. Unreal.
  • "Healthcare" Honestly, I never understood the healthcare crisis fully. My father being a health professional, medical care has (thank God) never been out of reach. But now I understand just how crazy the system is and why it needs reform. It's required by law, at least in college, to have healthcare. If you aren't covered by your family, NU will gladly cover you for $2500. I already said I'm 19, but I still can't conceive upping that kind of cash. Can't give me enough flu shots for two and a half stacks. Just another big business.
  • "Tonay Claus" Thanks to Tony and the Ziyad Bros., Room 225 now features a 6-month supply of pita chips and rice krispies to compliment the stolen lawn chair and traffic cone. Nice.
  • "Nov. 8th" Best believe I'll be in line for these instead of in class.

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