Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/16/08

  • "Date Parties" If you were there, you completely understand why it's here. Best night I've had thus far.
  • "Idiots" If you live in B-C, you should check your email pronto. Some guy calling himself Drunk in Bobb took it upon himself to alert us of the social scene at Bobb. Apparently, this guy is the authority of Northwestern social life. Let me share some of his infinite wisdom with you guys: -The freeze is over biddies so get yo frat on or don't, whatevskis
    - Over heard at the keg bathrooms: "MD is being dirty rushed by Kappa, Tridelt, and DZ"
    - a certain noodle is on the rag. feel free to URBAN DIC that shiiiiit
    - Overheard at the laundry room: "shit, there is sooo much lint in this dryer"
    - Overheard in the 2nd floor bathroom, Mc side: "blaaaaaaaaah" And people here wonder why other schools clown Northwestern kids so much. This is the Rumor Royalty-esque bullshit that turns me off to the whole Greek scene.
  • "Labcabincalifornia" Probably my favorite album ever. I know I've said that about 40 other albums but I mean it this time. Please see for yourself.
  • "Joe the Plumber" Or whatever his name is. I missed the debate last night on account of the aforementioned date party mayhem. Every professor I had today made a joke about him, and I felt helplessly outta the loop. 300 people laughing at the same time when you have no idea wtf is going on sucks.
  • "Funny Professors" Eli Finkel and Lars Toender are the best teachers I've had. Ever. This is weird, I've called two things today the best ever. But I mean it I swear. Finkel had the whole room cracking up at least 3 times today. He had a stand-up comics stage presence and comedic timing. +5 cool points for Eli, even though his midterm kicked my ass with a C-. Gotta study harder.

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