Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/21/08

  • "Patterns" I'm not certain what it means, why it's happened, or how to deal with it, but I just got wind that Katie McGuire (WPCP '06) was killed in a car crash. This is the 3rd former schoolmate of mine to die in a crash in 4 months, the other two being Kristin O'Brien in June and Kevetta Davis earlier this month. Death is never easy to confront, but it seems especially cold and unfair when a young life is taken. Be sure to keep the McGuires in your thoughts, and appreciate your time on this Earth. It's things like this that remind us just how unexpectedly quick that time can end.
  • "Colin Powell" I just want to take this time to apologize to Colin, both for making fun of his unfortunate first name and for watching this hundreds of times. Anyways, Powell dominated the news yesterday after he endorsed B-Rock on Meet the Press. Kudos to Micah Ross for posting this on Facebook.
  • "Lou Malnati's" Going for the first time tonight for dinner with mi madre. I'm personally more of a Giordano's and Beggar's man, but I'm open to new sources of high cholesterol.
  • "Jamaica" Gotta love the Carribean. This would be Carla Campbell, a charter member of the Wall of Fame. Again, high five for Jesus on these good genetics.
  • "Pete Rock" I ran into this list a few days ago and was more outraged than David Duke after the OJ trial....the first one at least. "T.R.O.Y." by P. Rock and CL Smooth is one of the finest records made since CDs came out. Period. If you haven't heard it, at least the instrumental, discontinue your Mormon ways and join us civilized folk. How the hell is "Hate It or Love It", "What's Your Fantasy", or about 40 other songs ahead of this song? -100 for VH1.

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