Thursday, October 23, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/23/08

  • "Power Naps" Not usually a fan of them. It's like going to the strip club and not being able to touch or like going to a BBQ and only getting to eat 3 hot dogs; I prefer my sleep in hours, not minutes. All this said, I put in a glorious 25 minutes before my Political Theory midterm this afternoon and it paid off....
  • "Reward" ... because I absolutely owned my Political Theory midterm just now. Once the pen it the paper I didn't stop until I'd finished an hour and 8 pages later. Check back with me Tuesday for Prof. Toender's opinion on how I did. If the grade isn't good (which I need it to be b/c I'm a C student at the moment), I'll just pretend it is and reread this upbeat post.
  • "Blood" Alex bled in his new Air Maxs this afternoon. Not where his toes or bridge are in the shoe, inside the heel of the sneaker. I didn't even know Achilles tendons bled. There's a completely logical explanation for this though: there's a bloody arrow and Alex is lying motionless on the floor. I kid of course, just a little Greek humor.
  • "Ricky Ross" I'm listening to "The Science" by Murs (buy that immediately btw), and while rapping about the prison industrial complex, MurSinatra brings up the Freeway Ricky Ross scandal. A lot of people know about this guy already, but everybody should. Uncle Sam is shiesty.
  • "Quarantine 225" Alex and I's room has been a hazard area since Sunday. Nothing but coughing, hacking, nose-blowing (and bleeding as a matter of fact), and bad sleep going on in the 2-2-5. I think I found the solution at CVS though.

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