Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/28/08

  • "Impulse Purchases" PayPal really is a dangerously beautiful thing. It's sooooo convienent not having to put in your credit/debit card # every single time you want to buy something, which eliminates the chance of mistakes by detail-retarded people like myself. However, 1-click purchasing will suck more money out of your bank account than Eliot Spitzer's "escort". C'mon, don't tell me you've forgotten about that already. Case in point, in the last 48 hours, I've bought a ticket to the Lupe show on Halloween and the entire series of Chappelle Show.
  • "Girls" Impossible to beat in arguments. Lake-effect wind made its debut yesterday in Evanston and the wind-chill (according to Ollie Tom Skilling) was in the 20s. So, it's understandable not to want to walk the 4 blocks to Norris for dinner, right? Wrong. Eryn and Maddie convinced me of that within 45 seconds. I didn't mind though, can't beat $9 pizzas.
*Btw, I'm not sure if this is just how I'm feeling at the moment, is anybody else a little uncomfortable laughing at that Ollie shit?
  • "Hooty" As Daisy so dearly referred to him yesterday. I really feel bad for Ben Hootnick. Ever since Alex and Tony started their "points system", Benjamin has seen more nutsacks than....well Eliot Spitzer's "escort". For Hooty's sake at least, I hope somebody wins this game soon.
  • "Opening Night" Today is a glorious day. Just behind my birthday, the 20th day of April, and Christmas in my eyes. NBA season starts tonight at 7 pm. In case you were wondering I'll be tonight, which unfortunately I doubt, the answer is in front of the lounge TV calling for Joakim Noah to be traded.
  • "Election Night" It's gonna be cold, there's gonna be lines, people are going to be loud and likely intoxicated. But that's not gonna stop me from going to Grant Park in 7 days to either celebrate an Obama win (actually, moreso a McCain loss). Of course, those words I just typed could come back to bite me in the ass. But then at least we'd set a Guinness record for the loudest sigh ever recorded. I'll be leaving Evanston next Tuesday at around 5 pm. If you can come, you should.

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