Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/29/08

  • "Fridge Game" Never really thought about this, but he may be on to something...

  • "Hype" Yesterday I gushed about going to the Obama celebration. Turns out I suffer from premature celebration. I, like hundreds of thousands of others, was waitlisted. I doubt any tickets become available, and I'll spend the next week not expecting to get into Grant Park. Predictably, I'm still going. I don't have shit else to on a Tuesday night. Plus, when else in life am I going to get to be around 1 million people?
  • "Textbook Covers" I've been going to school a long time, and I've never seen a textbook cover that's ever made sense to me. The freshest example from high school was the cover of my stats book; it had a panoramic photo of the Amazon River. I'm sure statistics can be applied to South American waterways somehow, but any connection you could make would undoubtedly be a stretch. This picture above is the cover to my Intro to Witchcraft Psychology textbook. If I can do that with my mind, I better start paying attention in lecture.
  • "Johnny 'Red' Kerr" I don't know where you are now, but your unashamed Bulls bias and old-man complaints were sorely missed last night. Stacey King is absolutely terrible as a color commentator.
  • "McNaming Rights" Why Mickey D's? Why mess with a good thing? As a man with a shred of dignity, I refuse to say "McDouble" in public, let alone ask for one from an overweight 20-something who reeks of a blend of AXE and hydrogenated oils. Mark my word, if the price rises one cent there'll be consequences and repercussions.

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Casey Blue said...

Dallas i have that intro psych book! You may hate the cover, but you will learn to love the book; the guys who wrote it are hilarious! See the end of the first full paragraph on pg. 299 for an example...