Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/30/08

  • "CinnaSticks" Better than pizza in my opinion, at least Domino's pizza. They're basically breadsticks with cinnamon pasted on them and, if your lucky, a few cups of icing. These things are greasier than Jermaine Jackson, but o so good. Papa John's holds the crown as of now.
  • "Fuckery" Long, sad story short: Rapper Musician Entertainer Midget Yung Berg, unfortunately a Chicago native, got stomped out in Detroit by some cat named Trick Trick (he's not a pimp, I swear). Somewhere along the way, Berg's huge chain got taken and this picture made the hip-hop blog hall of fame. Well, turns out photogenicness (word?) runs in the Trick family. *Editor's note* Is it just me, or just this child look like LaDanian Tomlinson about the face? Not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm just sayin.
  • "Good Grades" I know they say grades aren't supposed to matter as much in college, but this A- feels a whole lot better than a C would've on my Political Theory midterm.
  • "Video Posts" I made one last night, and immediately regretted it. I wasn't in the best state of mind and probably had CinnaStick icing on several areas of my face and shirt. It went over well though, even though Alex didn't fully participate.
  • "$" Skipping class tomorrow for my screening exam at the University of Chicago. I probably should go to Spanish, b/c I'm missing the Day of the Dead celebration, but you can't argue with $25 to answer questionnaires. Next week I'm raking in $235 to take stimulants and look at pictures. That'll take precedence over school too.

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