Friday, October 3, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/3/08

  • "Manny" I'm not a Cubby-hating Sox fan. I couldn't care less about whether they win or lose, unless the Cubs are playing the Good Guys. In that case, I salute them. All this said, I've really enjoyed Manny Ramirez treating Cubs pitching like unwanted, crippled stepchildren over the past 2 days. Considering how great his career numbers are, especially in the playoffs, why isn't he one of the faces of the MLB?
  • "Excuses" I understand it makes for "good" TV, and it sounds a lot better than "just sucking for 100 years", but I'm realllllllly tired of hearing about the Cubs' curse. If they won for 100 years it wouldn't be called luck it'd be called cheating, so why is it a curse when they lose? And besides, curses come from voodoo witch ladies and such, not bespectacled WASP virgins and farm animals.
  • "Kev'n" That's not a typo. Half the "i" isn't missing. That's my new Evanston barber's name. Kev'n. He comes complete with brown highlighted perm and incessant heavy breaths. But, you can't beat a razor lining for $7 (can you?) so I'll live with the quirks.
  • "Joey B" He took it a little too easy on S-Peezy. She had him on the defensive for far too much of the debate....Let me say that again. He took it a little too easy on S-Peezy. She had him on the defensive for far too much of the debate. And why in the world did he say he loved Johnny Mac? Twice!
  • "Good Deeds" I'm gonna be looking to for an oppurtunity to do something nice for somebody for the next couple days. This afternoon, after Big Willy Irons' lecture, I stomped down to the laundry room cursing in advance the person who took my clothes outta the dryer b/c I dared be late to remove them. As expected, my clothes had been taken out. What I wasn't expecting was for them to be neatly folded and seperated. If you're reading, which you're not, thank you.

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