Monday, October 6, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/6/08

  • "Foreshadowing" I don't really do inside jokes often, takes the fun out of having a blog in the first place. But Maxwell Taylor boy did you make my day yesterday. 1.) You're coming in 2 weeks, and bringing Smitty. 2.) That Facebook chat was epic. Well, I don't wanna give that all the way away. For all you WPCP people out there, check this out and see if you recognize anybody any body. I sure as hell do. High five for Jesus on this one.
  • "Salma Hayek" Remaining on the Latina tip, Jesus gets some more love. Her best work in my eyes was in Dogma. But I mean shit, it's hard for a movie to go wrong when Salma is in it. Little known fact: Her kids only drink whole milk.
  • "Fidel" The weekend stir-fry guy at Plex. Alex and Tony People may doubt his culinary abilities, but I have Jesus Camp-like faith in Fidel. That trust was rewarded with a fat plate of chicken stir-fry with plum sauce.
  • "eBay" Even though swap meets on Devon Ave sell less fake stuff than eBay, I still love it. Why? B/c for every 500 pairs of Sike Air Force Ones, there are things like the $175 XBOX 360 I just bought. Totally legit.
  • "Thelonious Monk" My favorite musician. Ever. He's dead though, so don't feel guilty downloading this. Actually no, do.


DSD said...

Those are some TITTIES.

...That is all.

Anonymous said...

LOL . . .