Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/7/08

  • "Samka" A dirty witch. I mean that in the most respectful way possible, especially since she was joking with me last night at Lisa's. Or at least I hope she was. All I wanted to do was hold the hummus sandwich. Alas, lady Samka "doesn't trust me". *I promise, at some point this year Tony is going to get her to scream Wu-Tang.
  • "Event Planning" Last night we ran about 30 ideas past Faizan for floorwide events. The Halo tournament seemed most appealing to Fai-to-the-Zan. Shockingly, Tony's offers to showcase leechs on his nipples and nutsack didn't go over too well with Faizan.
  • "Cowardice" If you live in the city proper, you've probably heard about the latest CPS student to be killed. The story is here; it's doubly sickening b/c this girl died as a result of some dumbass' misguided idea of how to resolve a conflict. She died for nothing. I'm not going to get on the soapbox and cry for gun control, b/c I guarantee this idiot isn't an NRA member. He'd have a weapon anyways. I'm getting on the soapbox to get this guy locked up, for a long time. OJ time. Despite what "gangster" rappers may say, please snitch on this piece of shit.
  • "Visits" I'll most likely be in Urbana this Saturday for U of I's homecoming. I'm looking forward to seeing a LOT of people I haven't seen in months. I'm not looking forward to the 2 hr train ride home from Evanston before the 2 hr drive down I-57.
  • "Immune Systems" Living in a dorm for the past 3 weeks has shown me how weak mine is. I've woken up each of the past 21 mornings with a runny nose and more congestion than the Edens. My sickness has been exacerbated (yes, that'd be 5 syllables) by the realization that my PlayStation Madden expertise doesn't apply on my new Xbox 360.

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