Thursday, October 9, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 10/9/08

  • "Psychology" I just got back from making the easiest $15 I've ever made. The Psych Department is conducting an experiment on interpersonal interactions, especially b/t white and black people. There's a pretty cool twist, but I swore by blood I wouldn't tell. Just know that they are in need of more black participants. So, if you're black at NU and reading this (all 15 of you), and like the idea of making $15 in half an hour, head to Swift Hall room numero 121.
  • "Allison" They have it all: the nicest cafeteria on campus, huge rooms, primo Wednesday munchies. Who has Clarke's pancakes for Munchies? That's amazing. That's not the only reason I go there though of course. Hanging out with Eryn and Maddie is swell too; can't have a much better night than drinking sweet tea and video chatting with Cherubs, strip-teasing Popes and sickly Oregon Ducks, unless you get some. All this said, I still wouldn't trade the insanity back home for the luxuries at Hotel Allison.
  • "Bobb" I spent the majority of yesterday out interviewing people for an article I'm working on, hence the missed post. Granted, I was tired and frustrated with the remaining work I had left. Bobb-McCulloch has a way of making that all better. I walked into my room with the AC blasting and fabric softener sheets tied to the vents, but not before the burnt shred of condom hanging from the doorway gave me the Rick James treatment. Home sweet home.
  • "Dr. Marquez" Speaking of interviews, I had the most enjoyable one of my life yesterday afternoon. Dr. John Marquez is an assistant professor in the African-American Studies department and he is probably the most brilliant person I've ever spoken with. I'll give you a snippet of just how incredible our 45-minute conversation was: "Police brutality and racial profiling place young men of color into melancholia, a sort of defensive numbness." He's like Cornel West Lite, or Cornel West for Dummies.
  • "Fight Night 3" Most addictive game ever. Fight Night > Madden. There, I said it.

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