Monday, November 10, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/10/08

  • "Family Weekend" Sorry for all the people on campus whose 'rents didn't come up this past weekend. Sure, for several reasons unrelated to the family festivities, I didn't go out this weekend. But I'd trade a sweet rug, a Y2K-sized water haul, and $45 dinners for a frat party any day.
  • "The Reverend Doctor" As in the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright. If you don't go to NU, you may've heard that he spoke (and spoke and spoke annnnnnnnd spoke) on campus Friday night. It was a zoo: news cameras errwhere, 200 people lined up in the cold begging for tickets. Of course, he was an hour late. I'll drop a shocker here (see "sarcasm"): I'm not the most spiritual person on Earth. But, I was hanging on every word this man said. Rev. Wright is like a stand-up comedian with 3 lifetimes worth of smarts. He's a genius. Certified. It really makes you realize how spineless the university big-wigs are.
  • "Nature" OSU beat us down Saturday. B-e-a-t d-o-w-n. I can't say I was shocked though; I would've bet against NU ending up w/in the spread, which I think was 11 points. Even if our offense was healthy, I still don't think it would've been close. OSU recruits a different type of athlete; players we used to so dearly refer to as "superniggas" back at the WPCP. They are competing with USC and LSU for recruits, not Purdue and Illinois like we do. It's just a different level of football.
  • "Tronic" I'm not sure what the title means, but this album is unreal in terms of production. Black Milk can't really rap - Eli Porter might give him some run - but he's the best producer in the rap game. Period. ====> You're welcome <====

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