Thursday, November 13, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/13/08

  • "Argyle Sweaters" Sig Ep date party last night. Had a great time: limos, my best friend, great date, and the bar was literally two blocks from my high school. The highlight of the night had to be the jokes on jokes that got cracked. Completely coincidentally, and may I say that I was the first one to rock the sweater, Alex, 'Toine, and I all ended up in argyle sweaters purchased by Dana and Ariela Katz. You can see my excitement in the picture above.
  • "Samka" Everybody's favorite sandwich maker at Lisa's was spotted outside the workplace last night puffing on a square. Alex & I shouted to her on the way back from the Sig Ep house, it was about 2 am and it felt like it was about 2 degrees. Of course, Samka turned her nose up at us girly men while she stood smoking in her Lisa's polo. We asked how she was and we got a response something like this: "Good it's cold closing time soon have a good night." Samka is a woman a few words, and even fewer punctuation.
  • "John Kasshole" I understand that a lot of people are dumb, intolerant, support Sarah Palin, murder babies, rob, listen to the Jonas Brothers, and steal. But I don't want to wake up every morning and have to be beaten over the head with it. John Kass is a Trib O.G., but all he does his write about the scum of the earth and how we aren't as good of people as we like to think. Boo, bitter columnist writing about closed-minded 8th graders. Hooray beer!
  • "Luck" Growing up in Chicago in the '90s, Michael Jordan is probably just ahead of Jesus on most of my peer's lists. MJ is a close second, however, to Ronald McDonald. So you can imagine how upset I was when I saw this clip today. Even though it's a 40-year-old Jordan.
  • "Q-Tip" Please support this album. Like the man says, "what good are ears if Q-Tip ain't in 'em?" And by "support" I mean listen to it.

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