Friday, November 14, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/14/08

  • "Dedication" Most of you already know my stance on Weezy F. Baby; him saying he's the best rapper alive is like Kobe saying he's the best basketball player alive (thankfully Kobe is smart enough not to say that), seeing somebody talented in their prime kind of inflates how we place them in history. At least that's my opinion. Anyways, I do give the Carter credit for keeping his image out there. I'm sure you've already downloaded it, but if not.......
  • "Kenny Williams" I must admit, it makes me sad knowing that I'll never see Nick Swisher and & Orlando Cabrera's home run celebration again. But you have to respect and trust Kenny Williams. His track record is too good. And it's not like Swish was an All-Star either; .220 and average defense is easy to find, goofy goatees and locker room antics aren't though. Still, I'll take two former 1st-rounders and a solid utility guy any day.
  • "Overkill" I'm listening to Dedication 3 as I type this, just after listening to the seemingly-daily leaked track from Kanye's new album. I'd just like to say that I'd rather listen to the screams coming from "interrogation" rooms at Gitmo than another song w/the vocoder.
  • "Communication" If anybody I know who lives in Sargent is reading, you better not have known about the trip to the Bulls game last night. Free Bulls tickets are comparable to hitting the Little Lotto in my eyes, I shouldn't have had to find out from Felly Fel and Miriam.
  • "Reinforcement" I'm about 4 tracks through Dedication 3 right now. I'd forgotten why I was never a big Wayne fan, what with Paper Trail, Tronic, & The Renaissance among other great albums to drop in the last 6 weeks. But now I remember why. Can somebody tell this Nigro to enunciate please? Mr. Turner speaks more clearly.

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