Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/18/08

  • "Thai Food" After my psych experiment orientation and piss test (btw, for those of you who've had to pee in the doctor cups, isn't it the hardest thing in the world?), I made my way to the Devenport's house and feasted on a great Thai dinner. Ms. D even hooked me up with some garlic curry for the road. I forgot how much better home-cooked food is than the shit the serve in the cafeteria. Sorry Francisco.
  • "Indecent Exposure" Let me lay down the funniest moment of college for you real quick: Jordan and Jared are in the lounge studying and Alex thinks of a grand plan, to have Tony goat them. Tony thought Jordan was a guy though, when in fact she is a she and a very small she at that. About 5 foot nothing and 100 pounds with a winter coat on. Anyways, Tony busts down the door with nuts blazing and Jordan's jaw drops. Absolutely hilarious.
  • "Bill Ayers" He's speaking at Cahn on Thursday. Should be interesting. I don't know what time it starts, but you should go see what he has to say.
  • "Mark Cuban" I like the guy ever since he did this. He's a great blogger too. But if this is true, he's screwed. He won't go to Mike Vick jail though, just Martha Stewart jail.
  • "Maternal Worries" My mom is hilarious. She doesn't intend to be funny most of the time, but the things she does and says are priceless. Example: Last night she calls me at around 10 pm and simply says, "Before I go to bed I just have to say this: Stay away from the lake." Anybody who reads the newspaper knows exactly what she was referring to. She wasn't trying to make light of this kid's sad situation, but the humor was perfect. I live a half block from the lake.

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