Thursday, November 20, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/20/08

  • "Ass-kissing" I really really really for really real really want to take Human Sexuality next quarter. Only thing is I'm a freshman and freshman get shitty registration times, though I coulda done a lot worse than 3:30 pm today. Solution ==> Email the professor and hint at your possible interest in majoring in Psych and how this class would "intensify my passion for understanding the human mind". I'm in like flint.
  • "False Advertising" Our new favorite pizza place, J.B. Alberto's, let me down last night. They sell a "double-decker" pizza; and having chiefed beforehand and not having any idea of what a double-decker pizza is, me and Ben ordered it. I was expecting something like this, but all I got was what looked like two slices of thin crust piled on top of each other. Safe to say Alberto's is our former favorite pizza joint.
  • "Talent" I'd rather've spent my two hours last night watching this (make sure you aren't in public when you click) than the Bulls "game" last night. Actually, I take that back.
  • "Gratuitous Nudity" I'd just like to apologize to all that followed that last link. I couldn't resist; I can only wish I'd seen your faces.
  • "Madden" Brings out the inner asshole in all of us. Alex is the best at it, shit-talking I mean. Every completion is followed by a booyah (I won't put in the link, Google "booyah video" if you're that curious) or simply an "Ahhhhhhh!".

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