Monday, November 24, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/24/08

  • "Mr. West" I know for certain that 808s & Heartbreak came out today. I also know for certain that it's gonna be certified platinum this time next Monday. But, even though half the album leaked weeks ago, I'm not at all certain how I'm gonna like it. I've softened on the Autotune hating recently; Kanye varies the distortion and tone on his records, as opposed to T-Pain who...well, is T-Pain. I'm gonna go buy the album Wednesday morning at Best By while I wait for my stereo to get installed. The verdict shall follow henceforth.
  • "Homeward Bound" As all the East Coast kids on my floor pack their Rayban sunglasses, North Face jackets, and boat shoes, I'm really just sitting here. Scratch that, I'm writing this blog. I was really looking forward to getting a free ride home tomorrow night and relaxing. Turns out nobody at the Wright house will be there, so it's the CTA for me.
  • "Bobb" How in the world are all the washers and dryers taken at 3:30 on a Monday afternoon?
  • "The Roots" I'm still semi-depressed that they've stopped touring and decided to be a late night TV band (wtf?), but that's only temporary. The genius that is their discography lasts forever. *I got cliches for days!* Do You Want More?!!!??! is a top 10 all-time album.

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