Thursday, November 6, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 11/6/08

  • "Mack Brown" I'm assuming that as the head coach he was the one to kick this kid off the team. Freedom of speech is all good and everything, but seeing as at least half the Longhorns' squad is black I doubt a comment like this would fly in the locker room.
  • "Competition" I don't like losing. I tolerate it, especially when I lose to a nice-looking young lady at something, but it takes a lot of effort not to go Dennis Green. Yesterday at the Sig Ep beer pong tourney --yes I know, yesterday was a Wednesday-- me and Nolan repped hard for the kids. Out of 24 teams we made it to the semis, where we fell by 1 cup. Hung out with David Zheng there too, which was nice in a 5th grade-flashback kind of way.
  • "Hindsight" This should be all over the news, but of course it isn't. Apparently, Sarah Palin and John McCain don't like each other all that much. Shocking! Another newsflash, and this is straight from the Chicago Tribune, Sarah Palin thought the motherland was a country, not a continent. She also couldn't name the constituents of NAFTA, or in layman's terms she couldn't name 3 countries in North America. There are only three of them, although I'm beginning to think Alaska should become its own nation more and more each day. Palin will be seen on FOX next week riiiiiight here.
  • "Autumn" Such a nicer word than fall. Anyways, I hate Chicago autumn weather. I went to breakfast in a t-shirt wifebeater and shorts and, according to, it will be 48 degrees by 8 pm. And rainy. It's supposed to snow over the weekend too.
  • "Chris Rock" Not talking about his stand-up, which I think is genius; he's on the Mt. Rushmo' of black comedians w/Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, and Dave Chappelle. I mean the eerily clairvoyant movie he made about a black President that used to be a alderman/community organizer. Please watch Head of State. Please. I don't even care if it's a bootleg. You will be amazed at how similar it is to the past 6 months.


DSD said...

I applaud you for updating every day. That,my nigga, is devotion.

I'm working on trying to make something big to make up for the last... 2 weeks?

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

haha thanks. i doomed myself with the title though. it's just so damn catchy tho.