Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daily Top 5 (Things I Can't Wait For At Home)>>> 11/25/08

  • "Seasoning" Cannot wait for Momma Wright's cooking. Cafeteria food is okay cafeteria food, but spices and the like are at a minimum...an absolute minimum...as in zero. I like to eat, a lot, but ever since I've been at school I've changed my attitude from eating for pleasure to eating for survival. Tonight is spaghetti at the crib. Here's a preview.
  • "The Dog" Never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait to see my family's dog; it's not really mine (my sister got it a long time back), and I call her/it "dog" more often than her/its actual name (Snowy). It's going to be nice having somebody besides Tony always excited to see me, especially since the dog hasn't been trained to tell me to go fuck myself. I have to go back to the nighttime walks and poop-scooping, but I don't really mind the thought of that. Check back w/me on like Friday though.
  • "Family" I already know that I'm going to be answering the same question for the next week: "So Dallas, tell me, how's school?". Thanksgiving Day is gonna be exceptionally bad. But again, the idea of holding a press conference at the dinner table isn't too daunting at the moment. Since they are paying for "school", they actually give a damn.
  • "The City" Evanston has a couple kinda tall buildings, the CTA, and even a Chicken Shack, but it's not the same as back home. I'm technically only a 15-minute train ride away from Chicago, but I feel mad disconnected. I can't imagine how homesick I'da been if I'd gone to USC or Mizzou. I miss the little things like mild sauce and the Nation of Islam's pastries. Oh, and parties where girls wear lingerie.
  • "TV" I haven't watched a TV show in about 2 or 3 weeks. To this day, I cannot understand why NU thought it was such a great idea to run the (limited) cable channels through the Internet hookup. Nobody wants to watch TV on a computer, just like nobody would want to have to access the Internet through the television. Why do you think WebTV failed? *A lot of you might be asking "What the hell is WebTV?". My point exactly.* When I get home I'm sure all my shit on the DVR is going to be erased, but that's okay. I have a lot of Maury Povich, Lockup: Raw, and Sportscenter reruns to catch up on.

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