Monday, December 15, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/15/08

  • "Wiener's Circle" What I'm about to say may be blasphemous to you Chicago readers, and, in true Wiener's Circle form, if you don't like it you can suck my motherfuc*ing dick. Eff Wiener's Circle; I've only been there maybe 3 times, each of which I was baked and would not be stopped until I had something greasy in my belly. If you're a foreigner, the gimmick at the hot dog stand is that the customers and workers get to berate each other. The concept walks on that thin line b/t funny and vicious, but the reality often lands on the less humorous side. Case in point.
  • "Walter Payton College Rap" Jarred dropped me this Saturday night. He's the second guy on the track, and he's going by Retro now instead of J-Pup (a nickname I never truly understood).

    Slow Cheetah Speed - Retro and Ross
Matt shot me these two links too. An album, Love Notes & Shattered Quotes, and a mixtape, School Kid Cipher Rebel Vol. 1.

  • "Shoe Throwers" I thought this was phony the first time I saw it. This guy is a G; with all that Secret Service in the press conference, I'd be scared to sneeze. This cat whipped his loafers at Baby Bush and called him a dog. Big balls. That may be a detriment in Gitmo though, b/c best believe that's where this footwear assailant is headed. I'll give Dubya his propers though, 8 years of stress didn't affect his reflexes.
  • "Nicky Whelan" Granted there's excessive airbrushing afoot, and Ms. Whelan could use a Happy Meal or six but..... got damn!
  • "Robin Thicke" Eddie Murphy was right. Singers get all the cooch. Thicke isn't a bad looking guy but still, I'm gonna hate on him b/c he's slaying Paula Patton and I'm not. He really has everything going for him: Evolution of Robin Thicke is better than anything Justin Timberlake will ever put out, plus Thicke can produce (see The Carter III's 'Tie my Hands'). Besides the singing, he's like a reverse Quincy Jones.

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