Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/16/08

  • "Snow" If you live in Chicago, and by Chicago I mean the entirety of NE Illinois, look out your window.
  • "Patience" It's 5 pm, two hours later than my usual post. Why so late you may ask, though probably not. Colored people time? Nuh uh. The Dan Ryan Expressway. It took me 80 minutes to get home from 35th & State today, which is about 65 minutes too many for those unfamiliar with South Side geography. If I had any doubts about us being in a recession, they were quickly shoveled away (zzzzzzzing!). For really though, the Ryan looked like my driveway. For the entire hour and 20 minutes I rode the e-way's makeshift lanes, I saw nary a plow nor salt truck. I probably averaged about 10 mph all the way home. If it was 50 degrees a little warmer, and I didn't have the willpower of Pookie from New Jack City, I could've jogged home in less time.
  • "Nepotism" I was coming from the cushy job Momma Wright hooked me up with this afternoon. It's at the same IIT offices I worked at over this past summer. Only a truly loving mother could stretch a 5-hour job into a 50-hour one and hook your boy up with a tax-free stipend.
  • "Perks" I miss college already, and not just b/c of the Andre. Last night my mom finally cooked dinner and after I finished I found myself searching the kitchen for a soaking wet conveyor belt to put my dirty plate on. None to be found. My dad did, though, help me find the dishwasher and sink. Also, after this snow ceases I'll be that guy shoveling the snow on the sidewalk and cursing out the kids who run in the snow I just moved; instead of the ass who runs in the snow that is.

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