Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/17/08

  • "Office Politics" I'm not a fan of The Office, but I now understand why it's such a hit. Things that are most funny are usually the most true. 3424 S. State is no different than the TV insanity. My mom told me last night her theory about how a woman in the office is sabotaging her mail; Momma Wright even confronted this lady about it about a month back. So now this alleged parcel thief is cold to me. I don't even know this woman. Also, another employee was kind enough to bring spaghetti in for lunch as a treat. Only problem is nobody knew this until they arrived w/their already-packed lunch. Still, with no intention of eating it, we all grabbed a plate b/c "we wouldn't want to hurt her feelings". These are grown people I'm working with too.
  • "Motor Skills" For the last 3 days I've been driving with half a windshield; my passenger side wiper is currently working about as well as my bare hand would. So I did the responsible thing and bought a new set just now at Murray's. They were $40 by the way, which is outrageous. Anyways, my busted wipers are still on the car. I hope I'm not the only one; I don't know if it's mild retardation or these damn sausage fingers, but I physically just can't put on windshield wipers.
  • "Kid Cudi" Been a fan for months and I think I've listened to A Kid Named Cudi more than what's healthy. He's the second-most talented person in Cleveland....
  • "Refs" The Bulls got shafted last night in Charlotte. Looked like Donaghy was out there reffing again. There's no way Derrick Rose fouled Augustin on that 3. No way. Rose had a pretty good quote during the postgame though, I didn't know he had jokes: "I don't know what happened. I guess I breathed too hard."
  • "Patience" Two more months. Two more months.


DSD said...

I followed your advice on the Kidi Cudi. Shit is hot fire. It's like Satan farted into my ear canal. Love it.

DSD said...

Zomfg, he sampled Children by Robert Miles. So much respect right now.

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

hahaha. i think his is my most anticipated album of '09