Monday, December 22, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/22/08

  • "Playboy Tre" I watch this every morning, right after I finish my Eggos. Buttermilk. "I might go to the club just to swang on a hoe. Just so I could get loooocked up."

  • "Wind Chill" I don't put too much stock into temperatures. What difference does it make what it actually is? I wanna know what it feels like outside. It's like an electric shock; 50 volts may not sound too painful, but check back with somebody after they got the shock and you'll hear how bad it really was. Same with the weather. I woke up to the paper telling me it was 5 degrees out, which happens almost yearly in Chicago. At this point there was still a chance the garbage would get taken out. But I turned the TV on and saw "WIND CHILL WARNING. FEELS LIKE -35 OUTSIDE". The garbage is still on the back porch.
  • "The G.O.A.T." I got no shame in my game (no Fleece Johnson), I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan. It's the type of relationship you have with your crazy uncle who was the only one that'd play Sega Genesis with you when you were younger. You can't help but have a soft spot for him b/c of the memories, but you slowly realize he's insane when you see him playing Wii with your little cousins in the exact same Starter sweatshirt he used to play NBA Jam with you in. Sorry about the editorializing there. Simply put, Mike is the greatest entertainer of all time. Ever. He made Thriller for Christ's sake. So I hope this isn't true.
  • "Vaporizer" Had a moment of clarity last night. Vaporizers don't produce smoke, hence the name, and so the side effects (*cough cancer cough*) are drastically reduced. And I don't wanna hear any "but it's better than tobacco" arguments. If you burn anything and inhale the smoke, it's bad for you. That being said, I may have to invest in a vape for the 2-2-5 come January. That way I can enjoy the wonders of the herbal arts w/o setting off the smoke alarm.
  • "Boston" As a child in a Bulls-centric house during the Jordan era, I was raised not to like the Boston Celtics. Actually to hate them. Looking back, it was quasi-religious the way I was taught to think about the Celts. I was taught to hate them just like fundamentalist Christians are taught to hate.....well damn near everybody. I thought reason had prevailed though; I made it through last season w/o sending one death threat. It's not going to happen, but if the 08-09 Celtics win 72+ games this year that KG's mural at Farragut is as good as gone.

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