Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/23/08

  • "Devin Hester" Jerry Angelo, Lovie, and the rest should be fired. Sure the Bears are 2 years removed from a Super Bowl loss and are going to have a winning season this year, but they've taken the greatest return man in the history of football and turned him into an average receiver that's been asked to do too much. I don't mind Black Jesus Hester in on offense, but let him return kicks as well. All respect to Danieal Manning.
  • "$" Mark Teixeira just went to the Yankees. 8 years, $180 mil. 180. These are the same people who signed CC and AJ Burnett this month too. After my extremely unofficial tallying, that's about $400 million the Yanks have committed to 3 players over the next 4 years. Can't wait to root against them in April.
  • "Wings" I had to make the drive to Evanston yesterday to dig my bike outta the snow in front of Sargeant and take it home. On the way back down Sheridan, the $10 bill in my pocket whispered something to me. "Buff Joe's". I swerved down Clark St. and the next thing I remember is the pile of bones on my tray.
  • "Anthony Hamilton" He's nothing new, but if you don't listen to his stuff you should. New ish.

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