Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/3/08

  • "Free Ish" A repeat offender. Me and Alex's Playboy subscription finally came in today. Hef sure knows how to show his appreciation; there were offers for everything from free sunglasses (not even joking) to, well, dirty movies.
  • "Lipton" This is Vanilla Caramel Truffle tea. A lot of you may be rereading that last sentence, certain you missed a 'no homo' in there somewhere. Eff it though, the tea is good. Plus no homo is retarded. Drink this tea.
  • "Kenny Williams" Now more than ever, I'm forever grateful for homo?.....never mind......anyways, I'll go pack Javy's bags my damn self.
  • "Mix-ups" So, as some of you know, I won an Alpha Phi Alpha scholarship a while back. Anyway, yesterday I picked up my check and didn't realize until later that night that there were some issues. I couldn't deposit the check. Why? It was made out to "Dallas Cartwright". The guys were great about it though and I'll have my check by the end of the week. I hope Mr. Cartwright gets his money soon too though. Times is hard.
  • "CTECs" Sweet, sweet revenge. It's not what I wanted (that would be more like standing up in the middle of Anthro discussion and delivering Dan a well-deserved 1-hitter quitter), but referring to 'Fundamentals of Anthropology' as 'as educational as public service announcements, and as captivating as Oxi-Clean infomercials will suffice. Still love Bill Irons though, he just needs to retire and get his money. Times is hard.

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