Thursday, December 4, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/4/08

  • "Themed Parties" Bayyyta 80s was last night, as most of y'all know. It was a strange night for me: room-hopping on the 4th floor, carrying Eryn straight King-Kong style, having my pupils dilated by the intense strobe light in the basement. All in a Deion Sanders jersey. Plus it just hit me that I was only in that sauna of a basement for maybe 45 minutes.
  • "Wins" I watched the first 15 minutes of the NU-Florida State mens' basketball game last night and there was absolutely no way I saw us pulling out the win. FSU had like 8 blocks in the first half, and our squad, physically at least, looked more like Air Bud's teammates than a D1 team. But NU won, handily.
  • "Self-Control" College is really making me realize how little I actually have. Whether it be girls, uh...recreational activities, or money, I say one thing and do the other. Case in point, I resolved to save my dwindled checking account balance by not buying off-campus food until next quarter. I woke up this morning afternoon with a Dominos' receipt in my wallet.
  • "Editors" A little PSA right here. I understand that as a journalist you'll always have an editor. But, I thought editing was more a democratic process than a totalitarian one. I wrote an article in this quarter's Blackboard magazine (pick up an issue, it's free) about the NUPD. 1700 words and, at least I felt, pretty comprehensive. But I picked up an issue on Tuesday only to find my "cover photo" shrunk and paragraphs on paragraphs of material not written by me. I understand that's how it goes sometimes, but it sucks. I'd at least liked to have known beforehand.
  • "Travel Plans" Maddie really made me realize something last night. I need to get out to Seattle. Sooner than later too. Gotta see the sights.

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