Monday, December 8, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/8/08

  • "Bankruptcy" Breaking news: Journalism is changing. A lot. It's the internet's fault; you can read any and all articles for $free.99 and talk shit about them in the comments section on top of that. Anyways, the Tribune filed for bankruptcy over the weekend. Thank God I want to work for a magazine. And Alex, I think you're on to something w/this Playboy gig. It's not like they're ever going to go under. That's enough puns for one post I think.
  • "Facebook" They've been watching, they know who I am. I tried to update my status w/the usual link on Saturday after my OJ diatribe went up. I tried and tried but no dice. So I clicked on the URL. What happened next was amazing. Facebook tells me, and I quote, "We're sorry, we've identified '' as a malicious website and have deactivated this link." Awesome.
  • "Free Ish" My favorite category. Thanks to Marc. Free movies!
  • "Martin" What happened to dude? He used to be amazing. His fall is almost as bad as Eddie Murphy's. How do you go from classics (Martin, Do The Right Thing, House Party, Bad Boys 1) to complete trash (College Road Trip, Wild Hogs.......Bad Boys 2)? It's a shame what people will do for money.
  • "Self-Inflicted Damage" Derrick Rose isn't the brightest guy; YouTube "Derrick Rose interview" and behold. But I'd think the most basic human instincts would kick in during a situation like this. And really, who eats apples with a knife?

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