Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Daily Top 5 >>> 12/9/08

  • "Consistency" Here in Illinois we're a simple people. We just want our politicians to be consistent. Not too much of that change talk here, except for this guy I guess. Case in point, Inmate #442910 Governor Blagoevich. The Federales came and scooped the bum last night. His chief of staff too. But that's how we like our representatives here, right? Consistent. George Ryan and Blago, both governors and both locked up. I wonder if Blago is a jelly guy or not?
  • "Freedom" Just got back from my Political Theory final and it's sunk in. I don't have to learn anything until 2009.
  • "Common" He's hi-larious btw. But Universal Mind Control dropped today and apparently it's very good. XXL gave it.......a XXL. Rolling Stone gave it 5 stars too. I'm downloading it as I type and as you read. It cannot be better than Resurrection, Be, and/or, Like Water For Chocolate. But I'm looking forward to listening. Only 10 tracks too so hopefully there's no filler-track garbage.
  • "Stephen Curry" My new favorite college basketball player. Mostly b/c of this *his mom*, but partly b/c of stuff like this too I guess. I hope he goes to a good situation in the league; really wanna see him do well. Plus, he has the best nickname I've heard in a while: The Upgrade, b/c he's a better version of Dell ==> his father.
  • "Meal Plans" I'm switching mine. Before school started, you couldn't convince me anything other than the unlimited plan being an option. I get to eat whenever I want? Shit, what other type of life would I want to live? Well, after 11 weeks of burnt quesadillas and generic McRib sandwiches I've seen the error of my ways. I'm feeling a 16-meal a week plan and mad points and Munch Money next quarter. Or just straight cash. I hope you're reading Ma.


Vanessa said...

hahahaah you WOULD get unlimited. oh wait, youre not rami. JK where is that girl?? My meal plan is 9 meals a week and i still have like, 70 swipes left to waaaaaste. how is the food over at NU anyway?

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

haha rami. idk i haven't heard from her in TOO long.

food is okay. better than high school. breakfast is the best meal by far tho