Friday, December 5, 2008

Free OJ?

Okay I know I said I wouldn't have time for a legit post but OJ's sentencing has left me no choice. They made an example outta him just like they did Mike Vick. Before I vent, let me make something perfectly clear. Crystal clear. Orenthal James Simpson, like Vick, committed a crime and should be punished for it. But that punishment should be reasonable; Mike Vick's life is ruined b/c he associated w/the wrong people and OJ (who's 61) is looking at a minimum of 9 years in real motherfuckin jail, the penitentary.

I just want to let errbody know how much this bothers me. There's shit like this from Fred Goldman, the father of OJ's dead wife Nicole: "It was satisfying seeing him in shackles like he belongs." Really? Like he belongs? Why not just say "I sure am glad that rich nigga is goin to jail for something." Also, people are begging Baby Bush to pardon George Ryan from prison "b/c he's too old and has learned his lesson". OJ is 61! And best believe his black ass ain't getting a pardon from shit, except maybe bunking with Fleece Johnson.

I challenge anybody who was alive prior to '94 to say that OJ getting the shaft today has nothing to do with him beating the double murder case. OJ is rich, so he got off. It's that simple. That's how the American judiciary system works. Even so, even with his innocence proven in a federal court of law, OJ was still guilty. His life was over. No endorsements, no TV deals, nada. And now he's getting locked up. He's eligible for parole in 9 years, but be realistic; Charles Manson is more likely to get paroled before they let OJ off.

Again, he deserves to go to jail. He's a felon. But if George Ryan - who mismanaged millions of public dollars among other things - deserves mercy b/c of damaged reputation and old age, so does OJ.

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