Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yearly Top 5 >>> 2008

Hopefully I'll be doing this again come 12/31/09. Enjoy my last post of the year.

  • "Numbers"
1,000,000 >>> With the economy as fucked up as it is, and free downloads showing no sign of slowing down, I still can't believe Wayne went platinum in his first week. I'll show respect where respect is due.

>>> How many additional troops are needed for the U.
S. military to "safely handle it's commitments globally". This can mean one of two things: Americans are unpatriotic cowards, or the American goverment has grossly overstepped it's war-mongering bounds. Oooh, oooh! Pick me teacher, I know!

500+ >>> Murders in Chicago this year. I've already voiced my opinion on th
e matter, but whenever the homicide rate goes up (as in more dead people, King Richard) something is very wrong. And don't tell me anything about variability and statistics either. I forget who said this, but they were 100% right: "There's lies, damn lies, and then there's statistics."

8 >>> As in Proposition 8. Shame on California for passing this bigotry masq
uerading as law. First time I caught wind of this I thought Anita Bryant had been resurrected. Sorry, Anita ain't dead yet. Shame on Ahhnold for giving this the light of day. Most of all, shame on Barack. This was the second biggest story of Election Night and he caved under the pressure from the moderate and right-leaning votes he was trying to win. A campaign run for change, unity, acceptance, and all that Walt Disney fairy tale talk came up short when the opportunity to walk the walk presented itself.

1 >>> As in the 1st half black President. I just gave B-Rock a lashing but it was out of love (in the true spirit of 2008, I'll add a no homo). In a country where black and brown people had 0 rights until about 1964 and, in some situations, still can't live where they choose, marry who they choose, a man of color will soon hold executive office. Go see Milk if you haven't already, it's a great film. That sounds off topic, but the movie and the Obama campaign are eerily similar minus the gay sex, at least to the extent of my knowledge. I just hope they don't have similar endings.

  • "Places"
The 2-2-5 >>> Probably the place I've had the most fun in in 2008. I could type for days about it so I'll just leave it at this: If you've been there, you know.

The Cell >>> I went to 9 games this year. It was a down year. But I was lucky enough to be at the Black Out Game, the one-game playoff that the Good Guys won 1-0. I still hav
e the black towel in my room. Kellyn, you're the man. Double Duty too.

Bacci's >>> Nothing new to me, but the looks on the East and West Coast kids' ('Toine too) faces when they get that giant $5 slice and pop is priceless. From off-campus lunch in high school to post-Lupe 28 inchers, many a good memory came at the North & Clybourn location this year.

Grant Park >>> Being there on Election Night was probably the mo
st surreal night of my life. Though I doubt it was as emotional, I have a semblance of an understanding now when old people talk about MLK's March on Washington. Jumping and celebrating with total strangers and seeing people brought to tears was about as dreamlike as it gets for me. I finally got one of those "back in the day" stories to tell my kids.

The Internet >>> This blog as evidence, the Internet was huge for me in '08. Y
outube and Facebook aside, I bought probably around $1000 worth of clothes and sneakers online, watched free movies to my hearts content, and downloaded enough free music for a couple weeks lifetime.

  • "I.O.Fs (Incidents of Fuckery)"
Yung Berg It's so cold in the D.

Plaxico Burress They'll be calling him Rambo at Rikers while he gets....uh....initiated.

The Palins
Proof that fuckery is genetic. I'm not extrapolating to the Down Syndrome baby though. I wouldn't go there.

My President is black, My Lambo is criminal. And I'll be goddamned if my Governor ain't too.

This Guy
He's not famous or anything, but this picture gets me every time. Somebody must be getting a fat life insurance payoff after the funeral.

  • "Goals"
Commitment >>> If you know me, you know that I haven't had an acknowledged girlfriend since like summer '05. Thank God it hasn't been for lack of options, that would've been a long 3 years. Actually, if you know me you may not know that. Anyways, I think I'm due for a relationship this year. I don't know why, who, or when, but what the hell. Lets give it a shot.

Food >>> It's hard to eat well in college. The stir-fry line is always long and it's easier sweet-talking the lady at the grill than it is the African cat asking you "Teriyaki or Sweet & Sour". But I'm going to try. The 2 am pizzas have to stop too, or at least happen less often. Easier said than done though I know. I'm usually not myself when ordering that large pepperoni and green peppers from Domino's.

30,000 >>> As in page views. Thanks to all you readers out there for helping push the counter to 12,ooo in just 5 months. I really appreciate every single one of you who take the time to read, let alone care, about what I have to say. This time next year I'd like to be up around 30k views. Some comments would be nice too, even if you just say "I never comment b/c you bore me to death". Knowing what you all think only helps motivate me.

Internship >>> It's pretty hard to get an internship as a rising sophomore, especially in journalism. But I'm gonna try my ass off to get one for the summer. And yes, I'm going to shamelessly abuse my Wilbon connect until it comes through for me.

Maintain >>> Grades were never a problem for me. Wasn't a straight-A type, but I did enough to keep my parents out of my business. Well, as of today, my GPA is an unimpressive 2.8. Now more than ever before I'm convinced of how unimportant grades are in the grand scheme of things, but my grades are about $25,000 worth of important. A year. So I gotta get my shit together. Hopefully this time next year, I'll still have my scholarship.

Love every single one of you guys. Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve.....................haha how awkward would it be if nobody reads this..........Two fingers! I'm out.


Anonymous said...

very good post. like the blog, like the blog idea. keep it up. and about the relationship thing? you'll find a girl to date, no sweat.

merry christmas/happy holidays!

Maddie said...

Miss you like crazy. I'll believe the commitment thing when I see it haha. Love you bud.

Vanessa said...

oh dallas. this was a long post ill say.. i hope i didnt let you down with lack of comments lately but i always manage read this once in awhile. facebook has cockblocked my way because your status was usually my direct link then id have to go back to when it was an available link and i always forgot to bookmark it.. ayye. i like your committment bit, im excited for when it happens, then we'll have tonsss more to talk about! FOOD, oh goodness. i feel you. except, its OBVIOUSLY not an issue for you. youve probably lost weight this semester geez. and grades? lets not even go there. my grades say im stupid but i say im smart.

Enny said...

I love this post...
The big dude at the funeral = priceless.
I love Bacci's too, it's the best deal in town.
Miss ya much.
Happy New Year!