Monday, January 12, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/12/09

  • "Jerry" I'm checking yet another thing off my bucket list tonight. Me, Alex, Ton Ton, and possibly Leibo and Bennett are going to a taping of Jerry Springer. The plan pretty much just consists of getting a little full and then yelling merciless, god-awful things at total strangers. Great way to start the night; hopefully the Keg will be a great way to end it.
  • "SorRush" Ever since girly rush started on Thursday, I can't help but feel like I go to an all-boys school. That or a PMS university. When las chicas aren't at sorority houses being judged on their "polish" and other stuff, they're back at home talking about being judged on their polish. *I mean polish as in polishing brass, not Polish as in these guys*
  • "Model UN" Booooo paraphrasing for free.
  • "Aaron McGruder" While everyone was off being fratty I ended up watching like 11 episodes of The Boondocks last night. It's been longer than I remembered (2+ years) since the show stopped running new episodes, and I forgot how great of a cartoon it is. Charlie Murphy and Sam Jackson as Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy are hilarious. Uncle Ruckus is genius too, though I don't think a lot of people get the message behind him.
  • "Monks" Serious faith right there. I don't even like sticking my hand in the oven to get my Ore Ida fries out, and these guys immolate themselves. Tripped out. You may recognize this from Rage's self-titled debut too.


Kaila said...

dearest dall dall, Jerry still makes espisodes of taht glorious trash. I thought he retired or something. Oooos and before I forget nice contribution to the Red Eye.

DSD said...

Enlighten me on what your idea of what Uncle Ruckus is supposed to mean.

I know "uncle" Tom Dubois is supposed to be just that. Clever, lol.