Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/14/09

  • "January" It sucks. There's a foot of snow on the ground and another 2 inches getting blown around. Plus it's colder than Rachel Eisenpress outside. Considering the temperature won't leave the negatives until Friday afternoon, I won't be leaving Bobb until Friday afternoon. Except for Writing & Reporting.
  • "Jesse Lee Peterson" Everyone should know who Uncle Ruckus is by now. He's been on this site enough. Well, I think I've found the real-life inspiration for Ruckus: BOND founder Jesse Lee Peterson. He's Sean Hannity's favorite Negro; Hannity often has Peterson on as the token black analyst during the rare instances black people are actually talked about on FOX news. Here's Jesse on the radio thanking white people for the blessing that was slavery.
  • "Humor" Lack thereof actually. I just got back from the lobby after the fire alarm started ringing. To at least one person in Bobb, forcing everyone to get dressed and walk outside in -20 degree wind chills is hilarious.
  • "Rosario Dawson" All (being in any way associated with the disaster otherwise titled "7 Pounds") is forgiven after seeing this. And this. And this too. *Twists moustache ends* Those are some great New York boobs!
  • "Apple" Their stock, like everyone else's, sucks right now. And this won't help. I guess there won't be any new iPods until at least June.

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