Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/15/09

  • "Frostbite Express" Bullshit. It's officially -5 degrees right now in Evanston and I stood by The Arch for 15 minutes without seeing any Frostbite bus, in any direction. The InterCampus shuttle came to the rescue. Shouldn't a bus invented for student safety run a little more frequently than every 20 minutes?
  • "Decisions" I was looking forward to going to The Deuce tonight after a week of 201-1 deadlines and Intro Sociology lectures. -30 degree windchills will make you second-guess like no other though. It's looking like another delivery dinner again tonight.
  • "Scams" Regarding delivery dinners, I won't be ordering from where I did last night ever again. GrubHub has changed my life; I've had delivery 100 times more than I should have this school year. I don't remember where I ordered from last night, the only thing I do recall is seeing 10 wings for $5.50 and no delivery charge and thinking it was too good to be true. It was. I got 10 baby-ass wings and was slapped with a $4 delivery charge.
  • "Plane Crashes" If you were to tell me that a plane crashed in the Hudson River and nobody died, I'd probably tell you to write me a better movie. That doesn't happen. Right?
  • "LeBron" I beg of you, please go easy on the Baby Bulls tonight. Please. Pretty please. Puhleeeeeeease!

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