Friday, January 16, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/16/09

  • "Notorious" As you know, the legit non-bootleg came out today. And as you also know, this movie is doomed to disappoint. This is obvious hyperbole, but it's like the movie that's inevitably gonna be made about Michael Jordan. Or how Ali was. It may be entertaining, but there's no way you can do somebody of that stature justice. It's sort of the same situation as the future movie about my life haha.
  • "Mark II Lounge" I'm glad I finally got to see the inside after years of passing it on the way to Maxwell Taylor's. It was an experience, but 1.) I'm not really a bar person & 2.) there was not surprisingly a 100 to 1 white ppl-black ppl ratio. Apparently I dropped Sig Ep like 8 times last night too. I can still hear those chants...
  • "Cab Drivers" On the way back with Looney and Sam we learned a lot about our cab driver. His kid is a freshman at Latin, he's been cabbing for like 15 years, and that West Africans think yellow means speed up. Didn't get his name though. We only had 13 bucks b/t us so I had to walk from Maple to Sheridan in the tundra, but it's no biggie. Put some hair on my chest.
  • "Nonverbal Communication" I went to Clarke's this morning with Lavine. Breakfast was of course on him. Anyways, we walk to the back and guess who's there: Felly Fell and Miriam. The look on their face was pretty priceless. Kind of a "Hey are you doing with that old, fat white guy?"
  • "The Kaila Show" Kaila you're somethin else. I've only seen 2 episodes but it's pretty funny. You should figure out how to maximize viewers instead of just putting the videos in messages though. No more requests though.


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o dall dall u have a deal and I have no idea what I'm doing with my show. I only know how to send through message b/c it has problems when I do it on the main wall.