Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/22/09

  • "Maddie" Can I take you everywhere I go? 99% of the things you've said to me over the last 24 hours have been positive: "great" hugger, fashion kudos, plus you're the most consistent commenter on this site. Luh u..........and for the record, this picture wasn't planned
  • "Larry King" Here's a little syllogistic logic: Old people say dumb shit. Larry King is old. So, Larry King saying that "black is in" and that his son wants to be black is dumb shit. Am I wrong? Now I have no issue w/'the son wanting to be black' thing, especially since the kid is 8. *Aside ==> How is LK still spreading his seed? I didn't even know 80 year old semen existed. His kid must've been the inspiration for Benjamin Button.* But, black isn't really in. Just ask Oscar Grant.
  • "Wolves" Tony got a new PC wallpaper today during our sociology torture lecture, which is weird since he plans on getting rid of said laptop ASAP. But to the point. A wolf would be a pretty cool pet to have, except for the whole lack of domestication and it being illegal snag.
  • "Oscars" The list of nominees was released today. Slumdog will win Best Picture, and Sean Penn should win Best Actor (though I have a creeping suspicion Brad Pitt will get every female vote on the committee). What strikes me the most is Robert Downey Jr.'s nod for Best Supporting Actor in Tropic Thunder. He was amazing in it, but no movie starring Jack Black should be taken seriously. Plus, I just can't see him beating out the dead guy.
  • "News" Best headline ever.


Anonymous said...

thank you for finally including me in you top 5 it has been a while. and dont deny it, thats one badass wolf man. Oh and i will have one as a pet when i'm older. be prepared...

Miles said...

that wolf is fucking scary.