Monday, January 26, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/26/09

  • "Quarters" They suck. Like Detroit Lions sucking. Like Paris Hilton sucking. I have a midterm tomorrow and I just got here! I've learned like two things in Sociology thus far: people succumb to peer pressure all the time, and laws are made to keep people from violating norms. Not exactly groundbreaking discoveries. Maybe I'd learn a little bit more if Al Hunter wasn't Amish and made a groundbreaking discovery of his own: Microsoft Office.
  • "Friday Night" Probably the weirdest and most fun night I've had in college so far. I met up with mi amigos on Noyes & Ridge, and I'm told we're off to a "party of North Elston". I thought to myself, "Hmm, that's weird. Dave Coresh's album release party is on North Elston." Guess where we ended up. It was cool though; like 30 people from WPCP '09 were there (and some younger kids too) and seeing them was nice. We Wildcats bounced at like 11 though, and I sure wish we'd left sooner. We went to a party on Foster & Maple and it was crackin. C-R-A-C-K-I-N. Beautiful girls. Tasty beverages. Good music. I was in heaven.
  • "Thriller" The greatest album of all time. Ever. I've said this many a post, but I mean it. Not just b/c Mike sold 300 billion copies of it either. Just listen to it. Here's the link, though if you don't already have it you should hang your head in shame and/or follow this guy's lead. Considering all I've just said, you can imagine my excitement when I read this. I'm saving up effective right now.
  • "Opinions" Okay, all Kanye stan-ism aside, opinions on these? 'Ye is collaborating w/Louis Vuitton on these sneakers and he's apparently keeping true to his prediction that "'09 is the year of the strap". My over/under on the retail price of these joints is $400. I personally would never pay more than $180-$200 for shoes, mostly b/c I'm broke, but also b/c corporations make 1000% profits off kicks like this. Too many straps on these for me, though the suede is nice.
  • "Blago" He never fails to impress me with his testicular fortitude. Dude is a G. There are impeachment proceedings underway this very moment, and where is the Governor? Chillin at The View with Whoopi and comparing himself to Nelson Mandela. It's a shame he probably won't make it through the week without losing his job; now it's time for someone else to man up and assume the throne as Thugoverner.


DSD said...

I want those shoes... but I'd never wear them out of fear of getting them dirty. I'd go nuts, wild, and possibly ape shit.

a squad said...
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squad said...

what ever happened to the Air Yeezy's? rather get those jonts

Ally Anne said...


and YOU dallas!

Miles said...

I wish you hadn't turned your phone off, lol.