Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/6/09

  • "Rush" The bromance begins. Gotten a lot of texts today reminding me about the different rush events this week, as if the hundreds of posters don't do the trick. I'm gonna give it a shot, but my intentions haven't changed. Don't really think Greek life is my thing. Free food, however, is.
  • "Prof. Hunter" My Intro Sociology teacher. He's a weird dude, concerning both his appearance and demeanor. All his teaches with is chalk and a tambourine, which is kinda cool.
  • "Ann Coulter" She's probably won Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person In The World" award 1000 times, but I can't help but find her hilarious. She just shits on everybody not subscribed to Rush Limbaugh's radio show without shame. It's as dependable as the sun rising, but unfortunately not as charming. Michelle Obama is her latest target.
  • "The Piranhas" The Twinkies' owner just died today. I know this sounds bad, but as a Sox fan I can't help but hope that they get a little worse b/c of this.
  • "Crowds" Last night convinced me that I'm not really a bar person. If you were at The Keg, you understand why I say this. There had to be 500 people there last night, which is about 200 too many. Mix that in with a flooded urinal, copious amounts of various drinks spilled on your shirt, and cold weather, and it's hard to have a good night.


Miles said...

I'm surprised you didn't expect the keg to be that packed on the first day back, honestly.

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

True. I just am pissed b/c I had a good shirt ruined

Krypton FLO said...

Enjoy that Rush Food! That was the best week of my life! I wish i could do it again.