Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/8/09

  • "Decisions" So I declined my Sig Ep bid yesterday. For reasons I'll leave out of this post. I try to keep things short here. But the brothers were cool about it. No drama, nothing changed. Plus I don't have to bring sorority rushees hot cocoa tonight.
  • "Greek Life" I had no idea just how big it was at Northwestern. All the conversations you overhear this week are about rush. NbyN has a "live" counter of dropped bids for Christ's sake. Sorority rush is a whole different monster though. What with computerized ranking systems and matched invites. It's like the BCS, or online dating.
  • "Thursty Thursday" I. Can. Not. Wait. (no homo on the picture)
  • "Impeachment" Blago is getting the BJ Bill Clinton treatment. Guilty till proven innocent. Impeachment proceedings have begun despite no criminal charges against the governor. I doubt he gets removed, though.

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DSD said...

C Ronaldo can suck a dick. I hate him.

...he's good though.