Friday, January 9, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> 1/9/09

  • "Tim Tebow" I just heard Beano Cook call Timmy "the best college football player since 1960". First off, I'm not gonna hate on Tebow nor Florida b/c they are the best program in the nation. But the best in 2 generations? If I had Percy Harvin and that Demps guy to throw to, I'd look pretty good on the football field too. I'll give Mr. Circumsion this though: He'll be a good quarterback in the NFL. Mark my words.
  • "Swagger" This word/concept/idea must die. Rapidamente. Pronto. I hate when I hear guys compliment each other on their "swag". Whenever I hear this, I immediately channel Riley Freeman. "Man, dude has swag" is just a less-obviously homo way of saying "Man, dude is sexy and/or has sex appeal." Stop it. Please. Unless you are in fact homosexual, then I have no issue with you expressing that desire.
  • "G-List Celebrity" I was in the RedEye again today. It's fun, but I really hate the editing/censorship policies. They can make jokes about Willie Nelson growing his own weed, but I can't crack on unprotected sex and Dirty Sanchezes? Hypocrisy.
  • "Blago" He's been my most consistent producer this past month or so. If I may be so punny, he puts the G in Governor. He got formally impeached today. Reports are he won't step down. Nice.
  • "John Coltrane" Perfect study companion. This is my favorite outta his discography.

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KFLO said...

i see you in the RedEye!
There's something about the way you write...maybe it's your SWAG. You have great SWAG on this blog. I love your SWAG.