Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daily Top 5 >>> Post-Bush Edition

I'm tempted to refer to every day after today as A.B. and every day before today as B.B. Before Bush and After Bush. Now I'm not comparing Baby Bush to Christ in any way b/c that'd offend a lot of you all, but bear with me. When you woke up today, didn't it feel different? After hearing President Obama take the oath (I still cannot believe I'm actually typing that), didn't you feel different? Maybe it's just me, but I swear I noticed something different in people; the way they acted, the way they spoke, something just different.

It still mystifies me that in a nation as infamous for the likes of this, this and this, a black man is now President. I never thought I'd see it. People of color essentially had no respected rights until 1964, and only 44 years later here comes Barack. *Editor's Note: Btw, this really makes you realize how huge Nelson Mandela's accomplishments are. He was Barack 20 years ago in an environment way more divisive.* I won't go into any MLK destiny talk or none of that b/c I've seen enough of that over the last 24 hours, but Barack gives us something tangible in terms of progress.

I'm really rushing through this b/c I have a Bulls game to be at in a couple hours and I was too lazy to draft a full post today, so I gotta end here. Here's to 8, and yes I know that terms are only half that, great years A.B.


Krypton FLO said...

i feel that. this whole transition makes me want to take that extra step. we"re living in an entirely different world now. it's crazy. i keep thinking about what i am going to tell my grandkids one day. it's something else.

"my president is black, my lambo's blue"


*Secret Admirer* said...

"After Bush"...love it!