Friday, January 2, 2009

Enjoying My Last 3 Days...

Still recovering from NYE. Slept for 16 hours yesterday - from 3 pm to almost 8 am this morning. I was supposed to be in 5 on 5 again today, but I think I screwed that up. Way to start the year, Dallas. Sorry Max. Looking forward to Rosscoe's Chicken & Waffles tonight making that all better though. See you Monday.

This needs to stop by the way. Although if anything from the past 60 years matters, it won't. Both sides are at fault (sorry Alex, you still ethered the NBN editor though), equally at fault. Another case of peoples that share tons much more in common than they have differences fighting over varying interpretations of the same ancient books. Warring on the basis of religion, which both sides are guilty of here, is also patently hypocritical. No such thing as a holy war; and while we associate that w/Islamic rhetoric, every faith is guilty. Actions speak louder than words (see "The Crusades", "Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"). The worst part is that civilians are paying a heavy price for this. I'm not going to say any side, Muslim or Jewish, is more right/wrong than the other. That's Bill O'Reilly's and Keith Olbermann's job. I'll just end with this: until I see a top Israeli or Palestinian pick up arms and walk the walk, my feelings on this situation will remain the same. Old, rich men love to start wars b/c the young, poor ones have to fight them.


Vanessa said...


my jersey friends are like, "ew"
and then im like, fcuk jersey.


WuTangIsForThe Children said...

haha i havent eaten all day

DSD said...

It's not a war at all though. It's the Israelis blowing up buildings and saying that everyone is a terrorist while using the average American's fear of Islam against the Palestinians through news coverage.