Thursday, January 8, 2009

Extra Extra

So if you haven't heard about it or seen the video, here you go:

The unarmed man you just saw murdered is 22-year-old Oscar Grant. Police detained him for allegedly fighting on the train and, as you saw, fatally shot him in the back. You already know something should be done, but I have a bad feeling this situation is going to go the way of Rodney King, Amadou Diallo, and the Philly melee. There are good cops in the country, but I still have an NWA mentality when it comes to the policing establishment as a whole.


Vanessa said...


DSD said...

I don't fuck with cops.
I absolutely don't fuck with the bald kinds with the reddish-pink heads that wear sunglasses.


I tell a lot of people that like to pretend they're not black because they hang out with all white people that that's all good until you go out. Which one are they gonna assume has the gun.

My friends were driving around Beverly one time and he apparently had the same car as a drug dealer. He had his mostly white friends in the car and they were going to KFC to kinda chill. As they were coming back, I witnessed 4 real cops and like 3 undercover ones in normal cars just appear out of nowhere and block them into a parking lot they'd turned into and forced them to get out of their cars. They had their hands on their gun and everything. They assumed he was selling them drugs because he was black w/ a bunch of white kids in the car. Scary ish, man.

WuTangIsForThe Children said...

Yeah man. Living in Morgan Park I know how nuts Beverly cops can be. Mount Greenwood too, prolly worse. Whenever I'm w/majority white ppl I turn my police senses on.

My dad gave me 3 rules before I started HS. Besides pregnancy and expulsion, not goin to jail was one of em. Prolly the hardest one.